The same level of the leading ESC, TCS, CBC up to 16 intelligent control of the auxiliary system, but also to BX5 in the slippery Alps mountain road rapid cornering, brake pendulum and other intense driving, showing a robust handling performance, The driver can not only feel the dripping drag racing feeling, but also panoramic view along the way, Chang enjoy exotic scenery. Especially in the Olympic skiing ice and snow track, BorgWarner fifth-generation four-wheel drive system and the ESC body dynamic electronic stability system together, let BX5 full interpretation of the Po Wo for control and driving force of the pursuit of unswerving. The four-wheel drive system can be based on road conditions, the front drive cruise, rear drive acceleration, four-wheel drive control, side drive cornering and single-drive off the five modes of flexible switching, real-time adjustment of the torque distribution between the wheels to maintain grip, Sexuality and sexuality. Only familiar with history, in order to consciously shape the future. The BX5 fleet is attracted by a magnificent, magnificent medieval building, the Deutsches Museum, which shows the world a brilliant picture of modern German industrial and technological development, Like the epitome of this picture.